Welcome to Good Earth Oriental Herbal Corp
At Good Earth Oriental Herbal Corp (Good Earth), we believe that prevention is the best way to maintain health. Except for trauma, accident or insect bites; diseases do not just appear suddenly. Often, subtle cues appear - a little tingling in the legs, some numbness here and there, a throbbing pain, headache of unknown origin, feeling too hot or too cold, insomnia, loss of appetite, sudden weight gain or loss, bleeding, diarrhea, constipation and etc... This is our body's way of signaling some impairment of its optimun function. It is akin to a warning light that comes on in our car dashboard. The cues started at the cellular level, move on to the tissue level, then to the organ level, organ network level and finally manifest as major disease. One cannot usually see anything wrong at the cellular level except feeling that something in our body is not quite right. Beyond the tissue level damage, we may see histological evidence of impending diseases. Beyond network level, most diseases are fatal and hard to mitigate. Good Earth Oriental Medicine - by appointment only 480.289.0353
Prevention is better than cure. In fact, the golden mean is a good path to follow. Simply stated, one should conduct life in moderation, never pushing our body and mind to the extreme. Right attitude, right thought, right action and right diet are simple ways to maintain our harmony.

Good Earth is a licensed Oriental Medicine practitioner, acupuncturist and herbalist in Arizona. We provide treatment for a wide range of discomfort, ailments and diseases with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).